Physical Education Aim is to develop humans PHYSICALLY like organic fitness Mentally like control emotions and Nero-Muscular Co-ordination system Socially like obedience social adjustment and co-operation finally provide Leadership qualitys and Sports Man Spirit.

'The play ground is good laboratory for human characteristic'

History of Physical Education in India
In India physical Education developed in Vedic period (2000-1000 B.C) Yoga, Epic age period ( 1000 to 600 B.C) Archery Chess wrestling, Historical age period (600 B.C ) Body Building Marshal arts, Nalanda Period(300 A.D) Horse riding and Yoga Muslim period (1200 to 1750 A.D ) Peeging and Fly Games British Period (1750 to 1947 A.D,) Polo games Cricket and Gym.

Why I am mention history of Physical Education in ancient days also many people to used exercises for health from Epic age period to modern age. In modern day increasing concern about the health among individuals is bringing a lot Of Positive changes in the attitude towards achieving better health. For obvious reason, there is consideration of health Wellness management as one powerful and effective tool.

About my college 1981 established department of Physical Education. I appointed as Lecturer in Physical Edcuation in 1996. After I joined in my department of physical education most of the college student participated south zone inter University competitions, All India Inter University competitions and one who named Mr.R.BANGARAIAH 800 mts event Participated World University Competitions held at bankok in 2006-07.

The following participated in south zone in Inter University and All India Inter university competitions academic year wise.

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